Friday, 11 September 2015

Is Four Images Of Bar Refaeli Per Day Enough For The Home Page?

Pardon me, Mr. Home Page Editor? It’s Oded, Oded Shahar – I just started as an intern here last week, and, well – I just need to know as a general rule, is four images of Bar Refaeli enough for one day’s material on the home page?
I’m asking, obviously, because I’m new here, and I haven’t learned what sort of balance you go for in terms of news vs. lighter stuff and general human interest. I know you always maintain a certain minimum threshold of supermodels, actresses, or celebrities in bikinis as one of the featured items, so I’m trying to get a handle on the way that’s done. Do you want them rotated throughout the day, but keeping the same article and headline, or do we mix it up a bit? I’m asking today because while we have some good shots of her in various states of undress, there’s also the story of her upcoming wedding, and I need to know how to weigh this: do we maintain the same number of bikini shots on the home page – both in that featured item section and lower down in the celebrity gossip news – or do we count the wedding preparation articles and photos as part of the total? I’m new at this.
It’s not a technical problem, though, sir, I guarantee – I have the coding skills necessary for this. I just need guidelines on the content itself. For the regular news that’s not a big deal: just put in the headline and link to the article ion our database. As big news breaks, we change the headline and the link. But with this Bar Refaeli thing, there’s no actual news value – only an attempt to attract eyeballs with a famous beautiful woman in suggestive poses. Is there a rule for how long to leave a given image in place? And what is the proper ratio of Bar Refaeli to other half-naked female celebrities?
Gal Gadot and Adi Himmelbloi will always do in a pinch, but quantity isn’t a problem. I know if Gadot had another Wonder Woman movie coming out soon we’d be shunting Refaeli aside more, and whenever there’s anything to say about Eyal Golan we have to find a way to get some images of his wife Ruslana onto the home page. That much I gathered already. I guess what I’m asking is, how much of an all-Bar-Refaeli-all-the-time home page is this, really? Are we aiming for more or fewer images of Bar than on her own site?
OK, I’ll get back to you on how many we have for tomorrow. Apparently the Fitness Fluff Editor wants some bikini photos for a series on low-sodium diets.


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